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Drogeham - Home away from home

Home away from home - that’s how it feels when visiting Drogeham, an idyllic village in the northeast of the Dutch province Friesland. The local people will welcome you with open arms and greet you just like their good old friends.

The charming Frisian village belongs to the municipality of Achtkarspelen and is surrounded by a picturesque landscape. The charm of Drogeham comes to the fore as soon as you find traces of history while discovering the village. The origin of Drogeham dates back to the Early Middle Ages and its 1000 years of existence were celebrated in 1980, though the exact date is not known. Being established on a high sand ridge, the Saint Nicholas church from 1200 overlooks the village from the highest point. The rural area and surrounding meadows reflect the major role agriculture has played in former times and still does. You can even have a glance at cute lambs right in the centre of the village.

Apart from its historical value, Drogeham attracts thousands of visitors each year in September for the Gondelvaart op Wielen, “a gondola ride on wheels”. This is a two day festival accompanied with a music programme and showcasing spectacularly decorated wagons. The impressive constructions can be several metres high and guarantee amazement among the spectators. This is a unique opportunity to spend two extraordinary evenings with family and friends so do not miss out on it!

Besides that, Drogeham enchants its visitors with its splendid landscapes and allows pure natural sensations – a must for cycling lovers! A network of cycling routes will guide you on a discovery tour through the typical Frisian landscape and its woodlands. You can enjoy marvellous views when the vast natural areas around Drogeham shine resplendent in the morning and evening sun.

Come to Drogeham – succumb to its charm, experience history and embrace nature!

Please visit our website for more information: http://www.drogeham.com/


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