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Lemmer: the gate of Friesland
Lemmer is located at the coast of the IJsselmeer and along the way of the Frisian Lakes area. This village attracts a lot of people with its beach, buzzing village centre and a steam pumping station which is still operating.

Nowadays the old fisherman village is one of the most cosy water sports centres of Friesland. Lemmer forms a connection between the lake of IJsselmeer and the Frisian Lakes area. Before the entrance of the harbour there is a lighthouse situated, which appeared in a movie as well. You enter Lemmer through the historical locks of Lemmer build in 1888.

Walk through the village
You can experience the old village centre of Lemmer from the waterside. Straight through the village runs the waterway ‘t Dok. When you anchor the boat you experience a lot more curiosities within the village. Participate in a so called ‘village-walk’ to experience all the special places of Lemmer. The starting point is the old government office aside the Tower of Lemmer.

The gate of Friesland
The old government office is worth a visit. It accommodates the ‘Oudheidkamer Lemster Fijfgea’, which can be translated as a ‘chamber of Fijgea of Lemmer’. In this chamber you get to know the rich history of the village. During the 17th and 18th century the harbour of Lemmer was well-known. During the Middle Ages the harbour was often the stage of bloody battles. This happened when the nobilities of Holland and the bishops of Utrecht wanted to enter Friesland. That is why Lemmer is called the gate of Friesland.

Motor cycles and diving glasses
At the business area of Lemsterhoek you find two small though unique museums. The ‘Indian Motormuseum’ of Tony Leenes contains forty Indian motor cycles. The first motor cycle was produced in 1901 and the last in 1953. On walking distance of this museum you find the Divers museum. Visitors are welcomed by puppets dressed with diving equipment. From suits from the First World War to ultra-modern ‘tech-drivers’.

Ir. D.F. Woudagemaal
The most well-known curiosity of Lemmer is the biggest steam pumping station of Europe which is still operating. It is called the Ir. D.F. Woudagemaal. This impressive pumping station from 1920 is stated on the World Heritage List and is worth a visit.

Your overnight stay
You don’t have a boat but you want to spend the night in Lemmer. There are some hotels and Lemmer has a campsite as well. This small campsite is located along the lake of IJsselmeer, between forest and sea.


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