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There and back again – a journey to the past

When traveling to Rottevalle, you have the feeling you will leave the stress and modernization behind. Already when entering the village you are welcomed by the most idyllic scenery you can image and you are greeted by the typical Dutch countryside and prying deers. Having the feeling time is standing still, you can enjoy the old historical feeling of the village, when walking around and take a visit to the variety of the cultural assets of Rottevalle. Worth visiting is especially the Hervormde Kerk as well taking a look at the old pastor house. Your stroll further to the village will lead you also to the small harbor, which offers an image just out from a storybook. Take your time in Rottevalle to get in touch with the friendliness of the Dutch culture as well as you even might find some hidden treasures.

Rottevalle is the place to be – to enjoy a day in the most romantic and quite setting you find in the Netherlands. For more information visit www.rottevalle.nl.


Uitgeverij: NoordBoek - Auteur: Peter Karstkarel

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